Thursday, October 23, 2008

Young Women's In Excellence

Mackenzie had to do a 10 hour project for Young Womens. She wanted to do something that would benefit her now and later in life. She decided to choose a project under Knowlege. She was suppose to have her mom/grandma/etc teach her a new skill. She decided she wanted to sew an apron like I did when I was in Young Womens. We went to the fabric store, found a pattern and material and here is the finished project:Look at the cute details!
Here she is infront of her display at YW in Excellence. She made pumpkins bars to put on the table to go along with her apron.

Some may say that it does not take 10 hours to make an apron, but if you are us it does! It was a learning experience for both of us! I was trying to teach her, but we were learning together. Luckily my mom helped out in directing Mackenzie!


Becca Jones said...

Okay Mackenzie.. can you sew me a cute little apron? That is seriously so cute! You can give me one when I get married.. in 12 years. Ha ha! The display table is way cute too! I love how you're becoming an adorable teenager! :)

Jennifer said...

Very cute apron! It would probably take me 10 hours or more to make one too! Which is why I had my mom make the kids halloween costumes.

Gentry Fam said...

Way to go Mackenzie! Cute apron. I am so impressed!