Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Morning

At 2:30 a.m. Christmas morning Trevor decided he was done waiting to see what Santa brought him so he woke everyone up. When I tried explaining to him that it was too early to get up. He did not buy it, he kept saying with real passion "THIS NIGHT IS TAKING SOOOO LOOONG!" So I finally asked him if he had heard Santa come yet. He said "no" so then I explained to him that maybe Santa has not come yet so he better go back to sleep just incase. He agreed (but not happily). Meanwhile, I could not get back to sleep so when all the kids were up and ready to go downstairs at 6:30 a.m. I agreed.
Here is our annual "one the stairs ready to come see what Santa brought" picture: Santa brought the following for everyone:
Nintento DS for Mackenzie

Nintendo DS for Trevor

Uggs for Madalyn (dark brown tall to be exact!):

Dora and the walking Pegasus for Meredith. She does not really like Dora, but she loves the Pegasus!

Ryan got a ripstick, but I could not find any pictures of it so here is the next best thing- nose hair trimmer!

I got new running shoes, but there is not one picture of me on Christmas because I was the one taking the pictures!

Christmas Day Continued....

Here is a continuation of the day.
Passing out the presents Christmas morning:Our family gift from the Scott Wright family. Heidi made it and shipped it down. She was so afraid it would break, but it survived. We are thankful it made it in one piece because we
A new tetherball for our tetherball court from Grandpa and Janeal:

The kids bought gifts for eachother (Madalyn got a Roxy wallet and Mackenzie got a new necklace both from Tilley's):

Meredith got a baby and Trevor got a bionicle. They were so excited to exchange with eachother!

One of the favorite gifts (who knew a $3.00 gift could be so valuable?!?):

We had my side of the family over for Christmas dinner. It was a nice evening of filled with Prime Rib, tons of sweets and family togetherness! Here is Trevor, Meredith and my cousin's son Noah. Noah is so incredibly cute and fun to be around:

Grandpa and Grandma Wright spoiled us with Disneyland annual passes! We took last year off because of the cruise so we are excited to go back again!

Mackenzie is taking sewing lessons in the spring so Grandma got her a sewing box. I still use the one my Grandma Beeney got me when I was Mackenzie's age.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas tree picture

Hello! I am finally back! I have been so busy that my priority to blog has fallen to the bottom of my priorities. To make up for it I have done about four new post today so scroll down and check them all out! Sorry, I will try to be better....

Anyway, every year I take a picture of the kids in front of the Christmas tree before church. It helps in tracking there size and what they wore for Christmas Sunday. Here they are in there Sunday best! Here is a close up for those of you who just cannot get enough of these good looking kids faces :o)! Do you like Meredith's curls??

Christmas (pre) Eve at Grandpa Jones'

The Saturday before Christmas we drove out to Grandpa Jones' house for dinner, nativity and gift exchanging. This year the grandkids each wrote a letter to Grandpa about a favorite memory or experience with Grandpa or Grandma. Each kid read their letter out loud. It was a great moment to see how their Grandparents have touched there lives.

The grandkids also did a gift exhange with some of Grandma's old Christmas decorations. Here is what everyone ended up with: (next year Rachel will have to make sure and get the singing Christmas tree!) Grandpa Jones and Meredith:

The nativity:
We drove over Ortega Highway to get to Grandpas house. We have taken this drive many times and for the first time ever there was this:

It is amazing to think it has been cold enough here to get snow on the ground! We pulled over for a minute so we could throw a few snowballs :o)!

School Christmas Performances

The third week of December brought many school Christmas performances.
Here is Madalyn with her singing sixlets: Meredith singing Jingle Bells:
Mackenzie's catante choir (which btw- they auditioned and made it into performing at Disneyland in February):

Trevor's 1st grade choir. He was chosen to do a solo in the microphone. I was impressed by his ability to sing out and on tune :o)! All the performances he has sat through for his sisters has paid off!

Singers Company Performance

Meredith had her Singers Company performance the first week of December. She sang a solo to the Chipmunk song "Christmas, Christmas time is here.....". As usual she did a great job and looked so cute singing and dancing.Here she is with Grandma Wright

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ho Ho Ho Our own personal Santa!

Tonight we were lucky enough to have Santa come to our door! He brought with him freshly made candy canes from Mrs. Claus! Thanks for the visit Santa!!!