Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love Notes

I got a note from my favorite son...I think you will understand why he is my favorite son after reading this.

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways....

1.  I love when you blow on my neck because it feels cool.
2.  I love the way YOU cheer me on in baseball.
3.  I love how you pick out my clothes because I can't.
4.  I love when you make me breakfast because it is delicious.
5.  I love how you play with me when I am bored because your fun.
6.  I love the way you make dinner every night because I like your cooking
7.  I love when you say you love me because it sounds nice.
8.  I like how you bug me at night because I love you.
9.  I love when you are so nice to me because you love me.
10.  I love when you tuch me in because I feel cozy.

But does it really matter because there are a bazillion more things to say so why don't I just say "Happy Mother's Day"!!!
(Now you can understand why he is my favorite son!)

I got some pretty wonderful one's from my three daughters also, but I need their permission before posting! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was late in the month this year (April 24th) so the kids were not off of school to get all the traditional easter egg dying done.  So the day before Easter we dyed our Easter eggs.  It is always fun to decorate eggs for eachother!  It was a beautiful, sunny day!

The final product:

When we woke Easter morning the sky was dark and grey.  Looks like it might rain!  Not good since I had tables, chairs and decorations all set up outside.  Plus we had over 500 eggs to hide in the yard.  We were hoping that the rain would hold such luck...30 minutes before everyone showed up the rain began!  Ryan and I had to run outside and move all the tables/decorations under the cover.  Then we moved a table indoors.  Luckily the house was big enough for everyone to still be able to sit at the tables and enjoy their food and the company.  It made me realize that the decorations and fluff are not what make an "Easter Celebration".  It is just being together with the family.  This year we were able to have both my side and Ryan's side of the family over so it was a great group of family!!  We are so blessed that the majority of our family lives within 45 minutes of eachother!

So back to Sunday morning...

The kiddos came down in the morning and got to see what the Easter bunny had left them:

Mackenzie got new volleyball knee pads and a bag.

Madalyn got lace tights and a movie "The Outsiders"

Meredith got silly putty, dance tights and a bathing suit.

Trevor was the most excited (can you tell???)!!!  He got the Pokemon White DS game that he has been asking for months for!

Then we had our inside morning egg hunt
 (thanks Grandma and Grandpa for all the $$ filled eggs)!

Here they are in their Easter outfits:

Easter Continued...

Once the family all got to our house we had our traditional Easter egg hunt!  Over 500 hidden eggs for 10 kids!

I do not have many photo's because I did not want to be out in the rain so I chose to stay inside and watch from a distance :)!

Meredith had so much fun playing with and carrying around Karli the majority of the time!  She loves to be the "mother"!

Ryan and Dallin had a little friendly competition of arm wrestling.  Let's just say that MY HUSBAND still has the muscles!  Keep working on it Dallin!

Meredith thought this jelly bean shaped egg was funny!