Monday, February 18, 2008

Made in China

Anyone notice something wrong with this sign? As I was hanging it up Ryan pointed out that it was spelled wrong. I am sure the kind person in China putting this together thought we pronounced "Hollywood" "Ollywood" :o)!!

Here are some more fun pictures of the girls striking a pose. The girl in the sunglasses came as Paris Hilton- complete with the dog in her purse!

Skit time....

They are going to be famous one day!

And the Oscar goes to......

Mackenzie had her "friend" party last Saturday night. Since it was her golden birthday (12 on the 12th) she wanted a gold theme. What a better gold theme than the Academy Awards! All the girls came dressed in their best, walking the red carpet, a fancy meal, skit time, games and lots of fun. The best part was their "acceptance speeches" during dinner. As they each held their Ocsar and thanked the Academy for their award- it was pretty hilarious!

The red carpet

oops--in case you did not see it already :o)! Anyone know how to delete once a picture has been uploaded??

The gang preparing for their skits.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Mackenzie!!

(Mackenzie has whipcream and fudge on her cheek in this picture)

I cannot believe it was 12 years ago tonight that Ryan and I became parents for the first time! We had no idea what we were in for! The past 12 years have gone by fast and it is amazing the beautiful young woman Mackenzie has become. Yes- YOUNG WOMAN- she is officially part of the youth group at church! She has been attending mutual for the past three weeks as she has been practicing Roadshow. What a great way to be initiated into the youth program! We are so proud of the person Mackenzie is- she is confident, intelligent, talented, helpful, a leader, etc etc....

Tonight we had a birthday dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Wright, Great- Grandma and Great-Grandpa Dickison, Aunt Deeanna, Scooter, Uncle Randy, Rachel and Dallin at Lonestar! It was so great that everyone was able to travel 40 minutes on the freeway on a Tuesday night. She got lots of great presents- rainbow sandals, scripture stickers, ipod dock, flowers, joke book, money, gift certificates, and a shopping day with mom. Yes- she is VERY SPOILED! Her friend Cassie even brought her a donut to school for breakfast. Mackenzie had a great day and felt really loved by her family and friends!