Saturday, April 23, 2011

Huntington Beach to Coronado Bay= Ragnar 2011

What do you get with:
-twelve of your "runner" friends
-200 miles
-27 hours
-a relay
-Extremely little sleep
-97 to 45 degree weather
-call yourself the LR Racers

Run, drive, sleep??? Repeat...

Ryan joined up with some friends to run this year since it was being held in the OC.  He had a blast!

Here they are before they took off for the start line:

Ryan during his first leg (8 miles) all he ran about 20 miles. 
This is in Corona:

There are no pictures of his second leg because it was at 3:00 a.m..  He ran for 5.9 miles.

  Here he is on his third and final leg (6.1 miles).  This is on Imperial Beach with Tijuana in the backround:

 Just before he passed the finish line the rest of his team joined him for the victory run!

Group shot of the LR Racers!

What would a race be without a medal! 
 Here is Ryan's number, medal and slap bracelet that was passed to all the runners:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Capo's Spring Break was very early this year...well actually Easter is really late this year!  We had a fun filled week with activities everyday!  Here is the low down: 

On Monday we went with my parents to the San Diego Zoo.  The weather was perfect and we got to see the animals in a very active state...not just lying around!

A "take my picture" moment!

Giraffe's...there was one that was only six days old!

Rhinosaurus..we were able to see them running laps around their enclosure chasing eachother!

Meerkat...when I see them I hear the voice in my head from "Meerkat Manor"!

The Panda was out and active while we were there:

Here are some more "take my picture" moments!

Tuesday...I took the three younger kids (and a friend of Madalyn's) to Calafia Beach.  (Mackenzie went to Disneyland with some friends)  It was the PERFECT beach weather!  We had a blast...however the water was a bit cold for me.  Trevor and Meredith had a great time in the water!   

Wednesday...Trevor needed to visit a firestation for his cub scout stuff so we went with some friends to a firestation.  Ladera has one of the nicest firestations I have ever seen...the firemen even all get their own "room"!  The kids got to sit in the truck,

learn about the hoses and gadgets on the truck,

and the best part was spraying water out of the hose!

The fireman even convinced me to take a shot at it.  I could not believe the power!

After the firestation tour we played at the park, but that got "boring" so we picked up a few friends and went to SkyHigh in Irvine.  This is a place full of trampolines!  The kids all had a great time jumping into the foam pit, playing dodge ball and just jumping around!

Thursday....I had to work, but when I got home we went shopping at the mall for Madalyn's 8th grade dance dress.  We only made it to a few stores when we realized we had been there over two hours and it was after 7:00 p.m. so we decided to head on into Ruby's for dinner.

On Friday Ryan took the day off (since he was so jealous of all the fun we were having) and we took the family to see Soul Surfer.  It is a movie about a competive surfer and her arm got bitten off by a shark.  It was truly an inspirational movie and I loved how she focused on her faith in Heavenly Father to keep her positive attitude and get back in the water to surf again.

Saturday was a volleyball tournament and lunch with family.  All in all we had a fun week!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools Cake

I am the best mom in the world! I served my kids cake for dinner!


It was actually a turkey, ham and roast beef sandwich with tinted cream cheese frosting.