Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Spring break started with Grandpa Jones, Brooke, Blake and Randy's family coming over to watch General Conference. Then the kids went down to have a sleep over with Rachel and Dallin. On Monday they went down to the beach and played around.
"Cousins" written with the pebbles on the beach
Trevor and Dallin
Mackenzie, Rachel and Madalyn
On Wednesday the girls had their orthodontist appointment in Long Beach so we decided to make a day trip to Shoreline Village. I looked on the internet and noticed that they rent large bikes to ride, but when we got there they were closed (eventhough the sign posted the hours that show they were open :oI). I have not been there in years and I was impressed at how much has changed. It was a great area to walk around- I cannot believe all the restaurants and rides they have now! The weather was perfect and the kids were great to put up with all my reminicing about the area and all the great "date nights" there.

On Thursday my parents took the kids to Sea World. I unfortunately had to work so I did not get to go. The kids had a great time and loved getting wet on Journey to Atlantis! After Sea World we met up for dinner at Chronic Tacos (no pics). It was okay. I had the tostada bowl. The funny thing is that they told me they are famous for their burritos not their tacos- go figure....shouldn't it be called "Chronic burritos"???? Maybe I will try the burrito next time I go.

Getting we on Journey to Atlantis
Trevor was on the ride, but Mackenzie is blocking him
Meredith and Trevor infront of the Clydsedale- yes, Trevor still love horses!
On Friday we went with the Clarkes to the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect!!!! The water was freezing, but that is okay, the kids had a ball creating sand castles!

Brynn and Madalyn
Cassie and Mackenzie
Trevor and Ethan