Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Young Women in Excellence

This past Sunday was Young Women in Excellence. At this program the girls highlight one of the many projects they have been working on towards their YW Medallion. The theme of the night was found in the book of Luke "Choose the good part". The girls learned about Mary and Martha and were encouraged to go serve others and be a shining example.

Mackenzie decided to highlight "Individual Worth". She displayed and talked about how music has had a positive influence in her life. She talked about how she helps lead a children's singing group called Singer's Company and that she has performed in many musical and choirs. She also pointed out how music can help invite the spirit into our lives.Madalyn highlighted her project from the value "Good Works". She talked about Mosiah 2:17 "That ye may learn that when you are in the service of you fellow beings you are in the service of your God". She spoke about quiet acts of service and how serving others makes her happy and can turn a bad day good.
As parents we are really enjoying watching the girls grow in the gospel as they build their own testimony of Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. Our hope is that their testimony continues to grow as they grow into adults.

Soccer 2009

Another season of AYSO soccer has come and gone...YEAH! I do enjoy soccer games, it is just the practices that aren't so fun. Anyway...Meredith had a great year playing on the Ladybugs. She thought it was cool that when Madalyn was her age her team was the Ladybugs also. Meredith loved running up and down the field. She is not a very aggressive player, but had lots of fun!
This is where she spent her "break time" when it was her turn to sit our during a quarter:

We have a tradition of tickling our kids as they run through the victory tunnel at the end of the games. Here Trevor is tickling Meredith:

Meredith with Coach Gasgow:

The best part is the trophy! However this year I am not so sure if that was the hightlight (judge for yourself).

Trevor was on the Black Dragons. He had wonderful coaches this year who know the game well and taught the boys with lots of positive feedback.

Trevor's favorite position this season was defender. He played goalie at the last game and did a great job, but he really prefers to be out in the action!

After Trevor's last game Jerry's Dogs catered the party at the park.

Trevor with Coach Tyresup. He really knows the game!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween weekend started with carving pumpkins at Randy and Cathy's house in Carlsbad. Keith was in town so it was fun to get together for pumpkin carving, dinner and a movie. Dallin and Mackenzie's pumpkin was an asian samurai- pretty cute! Unfortunately I did not take pictures of any completed pumpkins.
Halloween day was filled with soccer games, more pumpkin carving, a block party, pictures, parties and trick or treating.

Mackenzie and some of her friends all dressed up at "Things" from Dr. Seuss. They won first place in the "group costume" division at the Youth Halloween Dance!

Madalyn and her friends were the "Fanta Girls". Each girl wore a different color. She and her friends won first place in the "group costume" contest at the Middle School.

Trevor was a BYU Football player. He was so proud of his uniform! At our ward's trunk or treat he came home with twice as much candy as the girls. We thought he had gone around to the cars more than once so just as we were to remind him of candy etiquette he said-- "Everyone was giving me two to three pieces of candy because they thought my costume was cool". I guess it helps that 3/4 of the Ward are crazy BYU Fans! Here he is posing with the pumpkin he designed:

Swee Meredith was a ladybug. Her soccer team this year are the "Ladybugs" so she got her inspiration from that! It also helps ($$$) that Madalyn was a ladybug last year so she could wear her costume. This is the first time I was able to recycle a costume :o)!

Before we went trick or treating our block held our traditional pot luck. It is the parents way of getting something healthy in the kids before they pig out on all the candy! My parents and Richard were able to come and celebrate with us!

Here are all the kids on our street before they embark on Trick or Treating (or if you are one of the older ones to a Halloween Party).