Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soccer 2009

Another season of AYSO soccer has come and gone...YEAH! I do enjoy soccer games, it is just the practices that aren't so fun. Anyway...Meredith had a great year playing on the Ladybugs. She thought it was cool that when Madalyn was her age her team was the Ladybugs also. Meredith loved running up and down the field. She is not a very aggressive player, but had lots of fun!
This is where she spent her "break time" when it was her turn to sit our during a quarter:

We have a tradition of tickling our kids as they run through the victory tunnel at the end of the games. Here Trevor is tickling Meredith:

Meredith with Coach Gasgow:

The best part is the trophy! However this year I am not so sure if that was the hightlight (judge for yourself).

Trevor was on the Black Dragons. He had wonderful coaches this year who know the game well and taught the boys with lots of positive feedback.

Trevor's favorite position this season was defender. He played goalie at the last game and did a great job, but he really prefers to be out in the action!

After Trevor's last game Jerry's Dogs catered the party at the park.

Trevor with Coach Tyresup. He really knows the game!

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Grandma said...

We loved getting to go to their games. They are a joy to watch.