Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eight Grade Safari Dance

A few weeks ago Mackenzie attended her middle school 8th grade dance.  The theme was safari.  She met up with some friends before the dance to take some photos.
Kendall, Chloe, Shannon, Ashley, and Mackenzie
Ryan and Mackenzie have known eachother since preschool and have remained friends.  Ryan is the ASB President at the middle school and is SUPER tall!  Mackenzie is 5'7" and she has heels on this this picture if that tells you anything about how tall Ryan is!  Yes they are only friends...too gross to be anything else!
The multi purpose room was decorated elaborately!  The entire room was turned into a jungle. I was I took a few photos of the decorations.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday Madalyn!

Happy 13th birthday Madalyn!  I cannot believe you are finally a teenager!  We love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Madalyn's day started with receiving her first phone!  She new it was coming, but was so excited to find out it came with unlimited texting!  Then she headed off to school where her sweet friends (see previous post) kidnapped her afterschool and took her to lunch and a movie.  Madalyn was soooo surprised!  She is very fortunate to have such wonderful friends close by! 
For dinner she has chosen to eat at Chili's and then she is off to a swim party for mutual tonight where I am sure cupcakes will be served!
Enjoy your phone and welcome to Facebook.  Beware:  BOTH are addicting and we will be watching you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Elementary School Music Concerts 2010

Being the last week of school we have been busy with school concerts!  There a lots of new post that cover all the concerts we have been at in the past few days! 
This one is of Trevor and Meredith's Spring Concerts.  They do not have music together, but they have the same music teacher Mr. Healy.  He is a wonderful teacher that not only teaches singing, but how to read music and rhythms.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful music teacher at our school!
Here is Trevor in his Second grade concert.  He loves to sing!
Showing off the big guns!!!
Meredith's Kindergarden performance was on flag day so it had a patriotic theme.  It was over an hour long, but the kids were all so attentive and did a great job performing!
Hailey, Abigail, Meredith, Carley and Mia
(Kindergarden buddies)

Madalyn's School Music Concert 2010

Madalyn's Cantane Choir had their end of the year concert last week.  This year they sang and danced at this concert.  Some of the songs were "Thriller", "Don't Stop Believing" and "Season's of Love".  I always love
this concert!

Madalyn and some of her friends sang in a quartet.  They sang "Love Song".  They sure looked cute!
Madalyn, Samantha and Addison

Singers Company Spring 2010

Meredith's Singer's company group was so cute this year!  Meredith has really grown in her performing ability and did a wonderful job on her solo!  She has taken so much to the fine arts that she has decided to  take Ballet classes this year instead of soccer.
McKenna, Meredith, Lainey, and Chloe.  Yes, Meredith is very tall for her age!  The two girls on the end are older than her.

This year Katie had a small group of boys perform two numbers.  Most of these boys have sisters in the group.  They boys sang "Take me out to the ballgame" and did a dance routine to "Surfin' USA".  It was so cute!  Trevor has a great voice and rhythm, but he prefers sports!  At least we know he will be well rounded!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8th Grade Awards Night

On Thursday, June 10th Mackenzie was invited to attend the Middle School 8th grade Awards Night.  She received academic awards and an award for being part of ASB. 
Mackenzie was showing her excitement!
Shannon and Mackenzie
All but one of these girls went to kindergarden together.  Now they are going separate ways to two different High Schools.  They are all such sweet girls!
Mackenzie and Chloe
Mackenzie's first friend in Ladera was Chloe.  My first Ladera friend was her mom, Amy.  They are a fantastic family!  We are sad that these girls will be going to two different high schools.  However some ties will always remain!
Mackenzie and Ryan. 
Ryan and Mackenzie have been friends for 9 1/2 years.  When Mackenzie turned seven she only invited two boys to her party... Ryan was one of them.  He gave her Kinects...we still have them!  Ryan was also ASB President this year so they got to spend time working together this year.  He will also be going to a different high school than Mackenzie.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Memoria Day 2010

Memorial Day is traditionally spent at my mom's at a birthday bbq for my Grandma.  The kids always have fun eating and swimming in the pool!  They also love to celebrate Great-grandma's birthday!
Grandma Dickison

Before we went to my mom's Ryan ran in the Laguna Hills Half Marathon.  His time was just under two hours which was pretty good since he had not trained much!A group of men and women from the military ran the entire way holding the flag for the division they were in.
Ryan ran with some friends from church (Mike and David).
Ironically Ryan and David met in the MTC 21 years ago. David (who was from Canada) was going to Anaheim, California and Ryan was headed off to Indiana.  David would ask Ryan about the area he would be serving in.  Years later we would both move to Ladera Ranch and be in the same ward...small world!
Mike Grossen (our neighbor and Bishop), David Ord, and Ryan

Palm Springs May 2010

Our family needed to get away and relax for awhile so we decided to drive out to Palm Springs and check
out the brand new Starwood property.  It was just what we needed- so relaxing and much needed family time!  The weather was perfect and the resort was beautiful!
We played lots of basketball, pool, ping pong, watched our favorite movie "Bedtime Stories" by the pool and went down the slide a hundred times!
Meredith lost a tooth while we were there so the toothfairy came to visit on vacation!  That is tooth #7 for anyone who is counting! 
Trevor relaxing on the hammock:

The bathroom by the pool was so cool!  It was half indoor/half outdoor with a shower.