Monday, June 14, 2010

Memoria Day 2010

Memorial Day is traditionally spent at my mom's at a birthday bbq for my Grandma.  The kids always have fun eating and swimming in the pool!  They also love to celebrate Great-grandma's birthday!
Grandma Dickison

Before we went to my mom's Ryan ran in the Laguna Hills Half Marathon.  His time was just under two hours which was pretty good since he had not trained much!A group of men and women from the military ran the entire way holding the flag for the division they were in.
Ryan ran with some friends from church (Mike and David).
Ironically Ryan and David met in the MTC 21 years ago. David (who was from Canada) was going to Anaheim, California and Ryan was headed off to Indiana.  David would ask Ryan about the area he would be serving in.  Years later we would both move to Ladera Ranch and be in the same ward...small world!
Mike Grossen (our neighbor and Bishop), David Ord, and Ryan

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ashcraft8 said...

Danielle, Idon't think your grandma has aged since we were kids. I hope I'm fortunate enough to age as well as her. Luck for you, you have her genes.