Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Trevor

Happy 7th birthday Trevor! We are so happy you joined our family seven years ago! You were born with a smile on your face and continue to show that smile often. We hope you have a great birthday in Mission Bay on the Seadoo's!
Rock on!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Catch up

Hello! I decided to get some blogging done today! I have lots more to post (like girls camp if we ever find the cord to Madalyn's camera), but I thought I would just do four for today! So scroll down and enjoy~!

OC Fair July 2009

I took the kids and met up with my parents and Scooter last Thursday at the Orange County Fair. We had not been there in a few years so it was fun to go back and see all the same stuff! I love this picture of Scooter with Meredith and Trevor:
Trevor was so excited to get a grab bag of gems for $4.00!

A lady did this to our fingernails:

So we fell sucker and bought this kit: (It is really cool)!

Trevor wanted to win a carnival game and get a stuffed animal sooo bad so Scooter tried to win him one, but unfortunately he came home empty handed!

Madalyn and Scooter were the only ones in our group brave enough to go on "Screem"! We were so proud of Madalyn for trying something that was so out of her comfort zone!

It is funny how after all these years the fair has not changed much. We got fried zuchinni, corn dogs, chicken strips, onion rings and a cinamon roll to share. All super healthy food items!!

Wild Rivers

A few weeks ago I took the kids to Wild Rivers. Since all the kids are big enough to ride all the slides it was the first time I got to actually go on all the slides and not be stuck in the kiddy area! I had a blast (so did the kids)! We stayed there over 8 hours and closed down the park! My beautiful girls:
Trevor loved to swim around the lazy river:

Racing down the kiddy slide:

How Does Your Garden Grow??

We decided to grow squash and zuccini this year and here is our result:Yummy! There are more to come!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Look out comes Madalyn!

Madalyn's 12th birthday fell on the day she left for girls camp in Mammoth. So we celebrated with a candle in a donut at 6:30 a.m. After she got home she had a friend party.
Madalyn celebrated her 12th birthday with a beach party at Aliso Creek Beach! She had so much fun splashing around in the water, playing games, eating and just hanging out with her friends! All these girls are so cute and so much fun! I am so glad that Madalyn has a great group of girls to "hang" with! We missed a few girls who were busy with summer vacations :o(!
Here is one of the games- the girls had to fill up a cup with ocean water and dump it in a 5 gallon bucket. It proved to be hard work running on the sand and timing the waves just right!

Thanks to Grandpa Wright we had a corn roast! Fill up a trash can with ocean water, boil the water for 30 minutes to clean it, remove muck from the top, add the corn and cook until tender! It was SO DELICIOUS!!! I think each girl had at least two ears of corn. That is in addition to the hot dogs, chips, watermelon and smores!

Here are the girls playing a fun game of "do you love your neighbor?". The funny thing is that while they are playing a youth group from a church was at the fire pit next to us trying to have "worship time". I felt bad, but there was no stopping these girls from all their laughter!! I think the youth group understood.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Freedom Run 5K

Our 4th of July started early with the participation in the Ladera Ranch 3rd Annual Freedom Run. Ryan, Mackenzie, Madalyn and Trevor all ran the 5K (that is 3.1 miles). The girls have been out of town for two weeks and the rest of us for one week so there was no time to train. Needless to say this is the first time the kiddos ran that far! They did GREAT!!! I was so proud of them for running and finishing with a good time. Thanks to Ryan for keeping them motivated! This was a sprint for him as he is training for the St. George Marathon in October!
Here is Mackenzie. Her time was 32:54 (22nd in her age division). Here is Madalyn. She came in first out of our kids.
Her time was 32:42 (20th in her age division).
Here is Ryan and Trevor. Trevor's time was 32:45 (3rd in his age division).

Meredith cheering them on at the finish line:

Ryan and Mackenzie crossing the finish line:

Strike a victory pose! Firepower :o)!!

They look great for just running a 5K!

We will see if they are up to the Pioneer Day 5K in a few weeks!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun in the Arizona Sun!!!

Last week our family vacationed at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The weather was perfect, the resort was not too busy and we had a wonderful time relaxing! We will definetly go back again next year! Meredith and Trevor loved trying to catch the lizards so I had to get a picture of them with these:

The Resort had a lot of fun games: chess, ping pong, pool table, basketball, volleyball, putting green, lazy river and water slide. We had lots of fun playing basketball in the pool! We were never left with "what to do now??"!

My parents chillin' in their cabana:

Fun in the Arizona Sun Continued...

Scooter coming down the slide at the resort: Mackenzie coming down the slide at the Villas:

Grandma with the girlies: At the Villas a "zoo lady" came and showed Trevor and three other boys a gecho, trantula, turtle and snake. Trevor was in heaven! The lady got tired of his "I read in a book...." . I had no idea Trevor knew so much about these animals!

My favorite part- the lazy river!

The sunset from our villa

We saw this store on the Food Network and decided that since we LOVE Peanut Butter we just HAD to go while in Arizona. This place serves so many different flavors of all natural peanut butter (white chocolate rasberry, dark chocolate, curry spice, banana, etc). They were all so yummy!

One night we went to Cracker Jax. It is a fun place with minature golf, go carts, boats, volleyball, waterballoon tosses, etc. We had so much fun! The kids drove the go carts about 20 or more times!

Trevor was not tall enough to drive the "big cars" so he had to drive on the small track. Funny thing about this picture- the yellow car in the back is crashed into the wall because Trevor hit him and made him spin out. Trevor was like "what?? I was just trying to go around him". So funny!

Bumper boats:

The girls were soaked! Good thing it was hot and they dried pretty quickly!

Minature Golf. Ryan, Jim and Pam tied for 1st, I got 2nd and Trevor got 3rd.