Monday, July 27, 2009

OC Fair July 2009

I took the kids and met up with my parents and Scooter last Thursday at the Orange County Fair. We had not been there in a few years so it was fun to go back and see all the same stuff! I love this picture of Scooter with Meredith and Trevor:
Trevor was so excited to get a grab bag of gems for $4.00!

A lady did this to our fingernails:

So we fell sucker and bought this kit: (It is really cool)!

Trevor wanted to win a carnival game and get a stuffed animal sooo bad so Scooter tried to win him one, but unfortunately he came home empty handed!

Madalyn and Scooter were the only ones in our group brave enough to go on "Screem"! We were so proud of Madalyn for trying something that was so out of her comfort zone!

It is funny how after all these years the fair has not changed much. We got fried zuchinni, corn dogs, chicken strips, onion rings and a cinamon roll to share. All super healthy food items!!

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Jennifer said...

That ride looks super freaky! You would NEVER find me on it, that is for sure. And what, no BBQ Corn...that is what I always look forward to.