Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Trevor!!!

Trevor had to have this Transformer birthday cake because he was so anxious to play with the toy!

Please come save me my knight in shining armor!! Notice the horse between the legs!!

Today we had some family over to celebrate Trevor's 5th birthday. I still remember the day he was born with that beautiful smile on his face. That smile is still the same today! I hope you enjoy the pictures of him- he just had to wear the Spiderman costume for his birthday! These will be great to post when he is around 16 years old!! We love you buddy!!!!

A Handcart Story

We had to fit everything in 5 gallon buckets

My family "Pimped My Wagon" for our skit- check out the chrome 52's!!

Ryan's family

Danielle's family "The Hill's!!"

Our ward- what a montley crue- the picture was taken the last day!

Okay, so if any of you know Ryan and I we do not come from "pioneer stock". However we were both given the opportunity to spend a week with the youth of our Stake and experience a handcart journey. We did a pioneer treck. I will sum it up in a few words: hot, exhausting, beans and weanies, runny potatoes, super sweaty, dirty, stinky, very physically challenging, wonderful experience, and unforgetable. There was a hoe down on the last night and Ryan actually danced with me!! We both gained such a stronger testimony of what the pioneers went through. We will forever be greatful! We think EVERYONE should experience a pioneer handcart treck at least once in their life to truly get a small glimps of what the pioneers sacrificed!

We also loved the family grouping we were put in. My family was the best (thought Ryan begs to differ)! The kids in our Stake are really one of a kind- we felt such a bond with them. The pictures above are all taken on the last day- thus the reason we all look so good (ha ha)!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Photos of Mission Bay!!

Little Miss Meredith loving the sand and Seadoo's!

Madalyn and Dad ready for a ride!

Madalyn learning how to ski!!
(Notice I am not on this vacation according to all the pictures...)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mission Bay, San Diego

Happy 59th Birthday Mom!!!

Dinner in Old Town at El Coyote

Minature Train at Balboa Park

Trevor and Cameron loved to just use the Seadoo's as a ship!

Mackenzie out and ready to do some 360's!!

We spent this past week in Mission Bay with my parents and Scott and Heidi's family. It was a great week- the weather was nice, the Seadoo's all worked, and the kids were all well behaved!! We were also able to see "Shamu Rocks" at Sea World and have dinner in Old Town for my mom's birthday, and walk around Balboa Park. Trevor loved riding with his Grandma and Meredith liked it as long as it wasn't too bumpy! For the first time Madalyn attempted to water ski- she did not like all the salt water up her nose!! Needless to say it was a great week!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th July!!!

Happy 4th of July! It was a great RELAXING day! We went to the movies to see "Ratatouille" then the Clarkes came over for a BBQ and swimming (and of course some Wii challenges)! We had the traditional homemade ice cream- YUM YUM!!! After the long day we walked three doors down to the Bishop's house to watch another good use of our association fees- an aerial firework show! We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful community!!!

Anyway, it was such a great day that these are the only two pictures I took all day. I remember the days when I only had two kids and I would take pictures of everything- now I avoid pictures so I do not feel bad about not scrapbooking them. So Sad!!!