Sunday, April 14, 2013

Maui 2013

For Christmas this past year we surprised the kids with a trip to Maui over Spring Break!  We own a place over there, but have not taken the kids since November 2007 so it was time!  It was a much needed family vacation!

Because we wanted to get the best deal possible on airfare we had to split the family up for the flight there.  Danielle, Mackenzie and Meredith were able to go one day early and soak up the sun and fun!

The first stop on the way to our one night stay at the Westin Hotel was to see the new church building that will be done in June.  The Lahaina 1st Ward is excited to have such a beautiful building!

 Nacho's and Hula Pie from Leilani's...a tradition YUM!!!

While we are on the topic of food we may or may not of had Uhulani's three times while we were there!  It really is the BEST shaved ice anywhere!!! So Creamy!

My 8 year apart twins feeding the penguins at the Hyatt

 Once the entire family arrived we set up fort at our timeshare....a beautiful one that it is!
 Here is the view from our room!  Perfect view to watch the whales that gave a surprise show one morning!

Lots of fun pool time, lounging, playing volleyball, snuba diving and daily baseball!

 We went hiking two different days.  The first hike was to Twin Peak waterfall.  It was a pretty, semi shaded hike and the waterfall was a fun ending point!

The second and third hikes were to the blow hole and also the Queen's pools.  Luckily the kids are all old enough to handle rugged steep hikes and one of these was kinda difficult!  The family had fun jumping into and swimming right on the edge of the Ocean in these pools.  

 Cheeseburgers in Paradise is another crowd pleaser!  Meredith had to have her picture with all these drink umbrellas...she was asking for some all week long!!

We stopped at the Lavender Fields one day.  It is up toward Haleakawa so the weather was a bit drizzly.  The lavender does not bloom until July, but it the grounds were so beautiful and the lavender scones were absolutely delicious!!!

 Had to get the Titanic pose!!

 Here are a few more pictures from our hike to the blow hole.  The heart in this rock is so cute..something Ryan and I discovered when we were in Maui last year.  

Beautiful Sunsets would end our days.  

We loved the opportunity to go to Maui and enjoy the beautiful, clean ocean, pool, snorkeling, seeing whales and sea turtles, hiking, shaved ice, swimming and relaxing!  However the best part of the vacation was being able to spend an entire week together having fun without distractions! We love our family!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Madalyn Track

 After tennis season was over she decided to try out track and field!  She ran the 100 and 200 sprints.  She has a great year of training and meeting lots of fun girls!  She really enjoyed her time on the team!  Her favorite race was the 200 and her average time was 31 seconds.  This is her first time to ever be part of a running team.  We think she has natural ability and hopes she keeps it up!