Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Little Red Hen

Our Elementary school has a tradition of the first graders performing in the play "The Little Red Hen".  Because of budget cuts and class size reduction being cut the teachers felt like there were just too many students to put the play on as part of their regular curriculum.  With so much too learn...the "fun" stuff has to be eliminated.  However Mrs. Kovaleski did not want these first graders to miss out so she offered the play as an afterschool activity.  We are so happy she provided this opportunity to our Meredith!  Luckily one of her best buddies is Mrs. K's son!

Meredith auditioned and got the part of Bob the Pig!  She did a great job!

When the Little Red Hen asked her to help plant, water and pick the wheat "Bob the Pig" sang..."The job's too big" said Bob the Pig "The job is just to big! Oink"

She did a great job and had so much fun!

Take a bow!

Here is Meredith with two of her favorite friends Abigail and Luke!

Our thanks goes to Mrs. Kovaleski!  She was the director and workhorse behind this play!  We were lucky to have her as Madalyn and Trevor's first grade teacher.  She also had Trevor for second grade.  Maybe we will get lucky and have her as a teacher next year for Meredith in second grade!