Sunday, May 25, 2014

Young Woman Recognition Night

Tonight Mackenzie and Madalyn received their Young Womens Medallion.  They worked hard completing the requirements to achieve this award!  We are so proud of them and their hard work!  The day started out with both of them speaking and singing in Sacrament Meeting.  They always amaze us with their talks and are thankful for the example they set for us as parents and their younger siblings.  

 Madalyn's favorite 10 hour project was attending Humanitarian EFY in Ecuador.

 Mackenzie's favorite faith project was attending the Temple and performing baptisms once a week for an entire summer.

 Both of these girls are so beautiful inside and out!  It was really special to see them get their medallions at the same time.  As they sang together in Sacrament meeting it was a bit emotional realizing this would be the last time they would be singing together in the YW program.

Here are the group of girls from our Ward who received their Medallion
(Cassie Clarke, Sam Dayton, Madalyn, Mackenzie and Addison Doezie)

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Trevor worked hard and received his Tenderfoot at this weeks Scout Court of Honor.  He only needs one more requirement for his Second Class and a few more for his First Class!  We are hoping he gets both by our next Court of Honor in September!  He loves scouts and is amazed he gets recognized for doing something he loves so much.  As a parent I am so thankful for good scout leaders who are guiding he (and I) through this process!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Major League Champions!!!

This has been a great baseball season for Trevor!  He was chosen to be on a team with one of the most kind, patient and great example coaches.  Coach Brandon Pope is the coach who is always positive and doesn't yell at the boys.  He just asks them to do their best.  Sitting in the stands coaches from other teams would be yelling at their kids or at the Umpires, it was hard to watch.  Our coach always kept a good temperament and did not put unnecessary pressure on the boys. 

He also never batted an eye when three of us on the team said we do not play on Sunday because of religious reasons.  He was very respectful of our Sunday's and did everything he could to have our practices during the week.  He agreed that Sunday is the Lords day and that the Sabbath should be kept Holy.  Amazing!!!

Good Coaching paid off!  Tonight these group of boys won the 
LRLL Majors Championship!!  
It was a great and stressful game as we went into extra innings!  
Tournament of Champions here we come! 

Trevor and Coach Pope

That's one big trophy!

These boys worked hard and they worked as a TEAM!  The boys, coaches and parents have all made this season so great!  Now lets play ball and do our best at TOC!!!!