Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Trevor!!!

Trevor had to have this Transformer birthday cake because he was so anxious to play with the toy!

Please come save me my knight in shining armor!! Notice the horse between the legs!!

Today we had some family over to celebrate Trevor's 5th birthday. I still remember the day he was born with that beautiful smile on his face. That smile is still the same today! I hope you enjoy the pictures of him- he just had to wear the Spiderman costume for his birthday! These will be great to post when he is around 16 years old!! We love you buddy!!!!


Lisa said...

I love these pictures! I love all the boy things!! Trevor looks so happy!!!

Kristy said...

Ok, love the spiderman!! So hilarious! I would love to see him out riding his bike... so cute! It was so fun chatting about the blogging craze with you last week! Love your blog, your kids are darling! Mackenzie loves Rowan ~ she is always running up to him saying hi, can't wait for her to babysit!! :)

Liz Silverthorne said...

Such a cute blog Danielle! Ian is seriously digging Trevor's Star Wars toys (if you want to see more about Ian's interest in Star Wars, check out my blog's archives - he's obsessed!). I've always loved Trevor - he had the cutest comments and singing voice in Primary. Wish him a happy birthday from us.