Saturday, August 11, 2007

Someone help please!!!

Okay, so I have a major confession to make- I have no idea how to add all my "blogger friends" on as links to my blog! You all have them, but I do not and I am jealous!! You might be able to tell that I am not too "blogger savy". is my desperate plea: if any of you have a down moment and it is a good time to talk, call me and tell me how! I would really appreciate it! I would call you all, but the only time I think about it is late at night and I do not think any of you would enjoy a phone call late at night!

Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Clarkes said...

Hey, I just figured that out myself! So you act like you are going to make a new post, and instead you click on "template." Make sure it is on "Page Elements." Then just click "add a page element," and select link list. Call me if you have any questions.