Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who did this???!!!???

So, we woke up this morning to find that someone decided to accessorize our house with toilet paper! You have my permission to come clean and confess right here on our blog!! After all we are in the process of getting our toilet paper decorating degree -ha ha! Maybe we could reciprocate!!! I am amazed we did not hear you as Ryan was up until midnight and the front windows were open- you are pretty good. So much fun.....However Mackenzie (who love to toilet paper others) did not like the fact that she and her sister had to clean it up. LOL!!


Liz Silverthorne said...

I admit it - it was us after we got back last night. I'll send Ian over to help with the cleanup (*wink). Don't you just love having pre-teenaged daughters? I love Mackenzie and Madalyn, they are darling! And so fun that they are entering this wonderful age of pranks.

Alyssa said...

haha. I'm sorry I just think this is funny. I still remember the days of toilet papering. So fun! Oh and it wasn't me. I'm done, everyone started dislking me for it so I stopped. I had friends over last night and took them hom at 11:20 and I saw it. I almost called because I saw lights on but I figured it would be a nice suprise in the morning.haha. Although, I wonder why someone would toilet paper so early? I used to go late hous in the night like 12 or later. So I'm guessing these were some young kids since moms don't really want their young ones out late let alone take them to do it. so yeah. Did that make any sense?

Kari said...

The toilet papering must be contagious. We were actually toilet papered a week ago not last night. And we are hoping not again any time soon because the last one was torture to clean up.