Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

I am a little late in blogging this, but we celebrated Ryan's birthday last week (8/8). It was a quiet (well as quiet as all six of us can get) day. I cooked up some ribs, peach and blueberry salad, homemake rolls, and salad and had a picnic at the park. Later we came home to my homemade version of an ice cream cake. It looked pretty yummy! We love you Ryan and hope you had a great birthday! You are looking pretty good in your picture!!!

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Kristy said...

danielle--your description of the food made me so hungry! yummy... peach and blueberry salad... i need that recipe. and your ice cream cake??! must-have too! we may have to do a recipe exchange sometime... so glad brynn helped you out with your blogger friends list... and i LOVE your girls. seriously the cutest ever. oh, and i wonder who TP'd you??? alyssa might know... :)