Saturday, August 18, 2007

Recent Photos

Hello! A week ago I took the kids to the park and a photographer spent 15 minutes taking their picture. I kid you not it only took 15 minutes! Anyway, if you would like to take a peak you can view the proofs at , click on client proofs and enter our password: Danielle (case senstive). The proofs are only viewable until August 25th. Let me know if any of you have this burning desire to order pictures of my beautiful children -ha ha!!


Alyssa said...

Very cute pictures! I especially love the pictures of Meridith she is such a cutie! Well anyways I don't want to be late for class...ttyl!

The Raica Family said...

Well...ya...with those faces -why would it take any longer. They are a photographers dream come true. You should get a discount for beautiful children -way ease to photograph!!!!!! LOVE THOSE!!!!!