Thursday, August 16, 2007




The girls both got their braces on yesterday. They both got a full mouth top and bottom! This will be their new face for the next two years. I actually think they look pretty cute!!! They do remind me of the poem in "Where the Sidewalk Ends":

The walrus got braces;
that's why his face is
a face full of wire and steal.
He'll sit and he'll wait
till this tusk are both straight,
but meanwhile they are ruining his meal.

We love you guys and hope you will be able to eat soon- meanwhile I will just sit here and enjoy my bowl of popcorn (ha ha)!!


Alyssa said...

Braces, thats fun.(sarcastically)You know at least they can endure it together and get it over with before high school.

Liz Silverthorne said...

Tell your girls they look great! They will be SO grateful for the pain once they get to enjoy their perfect smiles in a few years. Besides, they can pick fun colors for the holidays!