Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8th Grade Awards Night

On Thursday, June 10th Mackenzie was invited to attend the Middle School 8th grade Awards Night.  She received academic awards and an award for being part of ASB. 
Mackenzie was showing her excitement!
Shannon and Mackenzie
All but one of these girls went to kindergarden together.  Now they are going separate ways to two different High Schools.  They are all such sweet girls!
Mackenzie and Chloe
Mackenzie's first friend in Ladera was Chloe.  My first Ladera friend was her mom, Amy.  They are a fantastic family!  We are sad that these girls will be going to two different high schools.  However some ties will always remain!
Mackenzie and Ryan. 
Ryan and Mackenzie have been friends for 9 1/2 years.  When Mackenzie turned seven she only invited two boys to her party... Ryan was one of them.  He gave her Kinects...we still have them!  Ryan was also ASB President this year so they got to spend time working together this year.  He will also be going to a different high school than Mackenzie.

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Becca Jones said...

I want Mackenzie's outfit! Congrats girl! On to high school, seminary, and some great memories! :) Love you!