Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween weekend started with carving pumpkins at Randy and Cathy's house in Carlsbad. Keith was in town so it was fun to get together for pumpkin carving, dinner and a movie. Dallin and Mackenzie's pumpkin was an asian samurai- pretty cute! Unfortunately I did not take pictures of any completed pumpkins.
Halloween day was filled with soccer games, more pumpkin carving, a block party, pictures, parties and trick or treating.

Mackenzie and some of her friends all dressed up at "Things" from Dr. Seuss. They won first place in the "group costume" division at the Youth Halloween Dance!

Madalyn and her friends were the "Fanta Girls". Each girl wore a different color. She and her friends won first place in the "group costume" contest at the Middle School.

Trevor was a BYU Football player. He was so proud of his uniform! At our ward's trunk or treat he came home with twice as much candy as the girls. We thought he had gone around to the cars more than once so just as we were to remind him of candy etiquette he said-- "Everyone was giving me two to three pieces of candy because they thought my costume was cool". I guess it helps that 3/4 of the Ward are crazy BYU Fans! Here he is posing with the pumpkin he designed:

Swee Meredith was a ladybug. Her soccer team this year are the "Ladybugs" so she got her inspiration from that! It also helps ($$$) that Madalyn was a ladybug last year so she could wear her costume. This is the first time I was able to recycle a costume :o)!

Before we went trick or treating our block held our traditional pot luck. It is the parents way of getting something healthy in the kids before they pig out on all the candy! My parents and Richard were able to come and celebrate with us!

Here are all the kids on our street before they embark on Trick or Treating (or if you are one of the older ones to a Halloween Party).

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ashcraft8 said...

What a fun Halloween! I love the pot luck before.