Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas (pre) Eve at Grandpa Jones'

The Saturday before Christmas we drove out to Grandpa Jones' house for dinner, nativity and gift exchanging. This year the grandkids each wrote a letter to Grandpa about a favorite memory or experience with Grandpa or Grandma. Each kid read their letter out loud. It was a great moment to see how their Grandparents have touched there lives.

The grandkids also did a gift exhange with some of Grandma's old Christmas decorations. Here is what everyone ended up with: (next year Rachel will have to make sure and get the singing Christmas tree!) Grandpa Jones and Meredith:

The nativity:
We drove over Ortega Highway to get to Grandpas house. We have taken this drive many times and for the first time ever there was this:

It is amazing to think it has been cold enough here to get snow on the ground! We pulled over for a minute so we could throw a few snowballs :o)!

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