Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day Continued....

Here is a continuation of the day.
Passing out the presents Christmas morning:Our family gift from the Scott Wright family. Heidi made it and shipped it down. She was so afraid it would break, but it survived. We are thankful it made it in one piece because we
A new tetherball for our tetherball court from Grandpa and Janeal:

The kids bought gifts for eachother (Madalyn got a Roxy wallet and Mackenzie got a new necklace both from Tilley's):

Meredith got a baby and Trevor got a bionicle. They were so excited to exchange with eachother!

One of the favorite gifts (who knew a $3.00 gift could be so valuable?!?):

We had my side of the family over for Christmas dinner. It was a nice evening of filled with Prime Rib, tons of sweets and family togetherness! Here is Trevor, Meredith and my cousin's son Noah. Noah is so incredibly cute and fun to be around:

Grandpa and Grandma Wright spoiled us with Disneyland annual passes! We took last year off because of the cruise so we are excited to go back again!

Mackenzie is taking sewing lessons in the spring so Grandma got her a sewing box. I still use the one my Grandma Beeney got me when I was Mackenzie's age.

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