Monday, October 20, 2008

Ally and AJ Concert

After spending a beautiful day in Aruba we rushed back to the boat so that the girls could go to the Ally and AJ concert. These girls are sisters who have starred in a few Disney movies and who have an album. The concert made me laugh watching all the teenybobbers crowd the stage, cry and scream. Since my children do not fall into that group we all got a good laugh together :o)! These girls were realy good- I only knew one song, but the girls were so sweet to the audience. Plus the theater is not that big so it was pretty cool for my girls to be so close up to them!
Here is what Trevor thought of the concert. It was so loud that I am amazed that he was able to sleep through it!
Ally and AJ came on the boat in Aruba and stayed through the rest of the cruise. We were able to see them by the pool, in the elevator, etc. I was impressed at how friendly they are. They did sign autographs one day and my girls were able to get a picture with them also. Funny thing about the autographs- they were scheduled to sign for one hour and three hours later they were still signing because the line was so long! Luckily my girls were one of the first 25 in line so they did not have to wait long.

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Becca Jones said...

So Josh and I had a theory that Aly and AJ totally had 14 year old boyfriends on the boat. They were always with them.. it made us laugh so hard! Ha ha.