Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cartegena, Columbia

On day ten the Disney Magic stopped in Cartegena, Columbia. The Disney Magic has never stopped at the port so the locals were so excited to have our ship at dock. It was truly an emotional event to look at the dock and see the locals dressed in traditional clothing. There were adult and small children. They were in awe of the Disney Magic and for most of them this is the closest they will ever get to anything "Disney". My heart was full watching the dances they were performing and seeing all the young children wave with big smiles on there faces. I was just as excited to see them as they were to see the ship.
Cartegena was one of my favorite stops because of the culture there. The only bad thing I can say is that the peddlers were obnoxious!!!! They were so pushy and would not leave you alone even after you kindly rejected them and walked away. They were chasing us down! These ladies greeted us with fruit and pinwheels:
Here were some locals that were performing on the dock:
As we walked to the end of the dock there was a children's choir that stood out there for hours singing:
Disney Magic really is a magnificant sight!
We hired a van to take all of us on a tour of the city. Our first location was La Poppa- a Catholic cathedral located at the highest location in Cartegena. On the way there we drove through middle class (reality check):
The views at La Poppa were spectacular- you could see the entire city! If you enlarge the picture below you can get a good look at the poorer areas. If you look really close you will notice the LDS church building in the bottom center of the picture:
We then traveled to old town Cartegena. Old Town is surrounded by a 12' stone wall. It was truly spectacular!!!! The streets were narrow with cobblestone, vibrant colors on the buildings, balconies, street vendors with quaint carts, and beautiful arcitecture! It is a photographers dream- I thought of Kamee the entire time there! My camera does not do any of it justice!

Aren't these doors great?
Here is the gang after our long day of shopping and sight seeing!
BTW: If any of you know my brother and sister in law ask them about there customs check as they were trying to get back on the boat. They had a hilarious experience, but it is not suitable for some viewers so I could not post it on the blog :o)!!!!

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Hahahahaahaha. Yes, don't you love that I'm old enough to laugh about the costums check story! Ha ha. I Love you guys!