Monday, October 6, 2008

Trevor lost a few things while on the cruise

While on the cruise, Trevor lost his new rainbow sandals. We tried to buy him some new sandals but can you believe the only shoes they had his size were bright blue and bright green Crocks. Sorry if I offend all you Crock lovers out there- yes I am sure they are comfortable. However our family thinks they are the most unattractive shoes EVER!! I use the term "our family" lightly because it we found out on the cruise that Meredith is a Closet Crocks lover- she wants the sparkly pink mary jane style....jury is still out on whether she will get them or not :o)!

Anyway, back to the story....a family we were traveling with had a son Trevor's age and he let Trevor borrow his navy blue Crocks so he would have some shoes to wear. Thanks Jake!!! The first day Trevor wore the Crocks he had to get use to them and how they are more slippery when running up the stairs. While running between the fifth and sixth floor Trevor slipped and hit his mouth on the stairs. Guess what happened?....... Yes he knocked out his other front top tooth! Last year he lost this two bottom teeth and was able to sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth". He gets to repeat it this year, but he may be saying "three" because his bottom side tooth will be coming out in the next week- just in time to look like a Jack O Lantern for Halloween!
Being on the Cruise when he lost his tooth ended up being extra special. Tinkerbell and the Toothfairy came and left him with this:
There was a Magical Moments Certificate, replica of the cruise ship, $1.00 and pixie dust trail leading to his bed that night!
Trevor felt extra special! Thanks Disney!!!


Becca Jones said...

Awww! I love this post!

Gentry Fam said...

You are setting the Toothfairy bar a little high with the pixie dust. Gracie is just about to lose her first tooth and is very excited. We are just hoping the Toothfairy remembers!