Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tonight was our youth Stake Halloween Dance. This was Mackenzie's first Halloween dance (she was lucky and got to go to the Roadshow Dance right after she turned 12). The youth had a "pre-party" at the Bishops and ate some dinner. Since we live three doors down I was able to go down and take a few shots!

While there I was shocked to find that the Jonas Brothers came to the party :o):The beehives took their level at church literally! Don't they look as sweet as honey? (gag!)
I thought that their leaders should have been the "hive"- wouldn't that be cute?


Becca Jones said...

OMG I love the Jo Bro's! Sooo hot! Yeah, you know I dig those 14 year olds... Mackenzie, you're so cute. Probably the cutest little Bee there!

Jenny Moore said...

Cute costumes for the Beehives!!
Who made all the costumes? What a fun group of girls.