Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Food Glorious Food".....

As everyone knows there is no lack of food on a cruise! This being a two week cruise had plenty of "cruisers" on it (if you know what I mean)! Here are some of our favorite meals.
Character Breakfast
At the character breakfast the different Disney Characters come around to the table to take pictures. Our servers also made each of us these fabulous napkin hats!
Princess Tea
There was a princess tea held on one of the days. The girls were given "Princess" shashes and the boys crowns. Each of their names were announced as they entered the room and greeted with a cheer!

ALL the princesses came around to our table and we were able to get some great princess shots. The princesses also taught us how to dance, wave, bow and curtsie. Meredith LOVED this part of the cruise!!!
At each meal we had the same servers. They got to know what we and our kids like to eat and drink. For example- Trevor was served a whole plate of grilled shrimp almost every night and Ryan was served a mickey head ice cream after dinner (every single night). Too bad they could never remember that I like A LOT of ice.....
Trevor tried escargo here- or as he says snails- he liked them.
Here is Ryan eating ANOTHER Mickey head (with spinkles)!

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Becca Jones said...

I could go for a Mickey Ice Cream right about now.... :)