Monday, March 3, 2008

This girl likes.....

Can you guess what this girl likes, no LOVES....... Whip cream????
Marshmallow creme????
No! Sour Cream!!! She will eat it by the spoonful! We had fajitas for dinner tonight and she did not want to finish hers so our conversation went like this:

Meredith: "If I eat all my chicken can I lick the WHIP CREAM off the spoon?"
Mom: "You want to lick the SOUR CREAM off the spoon?"
Meredith: "YEP!!"

Sure enough she finished her chicken super fast and indulged in the sour cream!

What strange things do your kids like to eat???


Clarkes said...

I've always liked sour cream too, but maybe not straight! That's so funny!


Becca Jones said...

Well, I don't have any kids (which is probably a good thing since I'm also not married) but I like to eat... lots of stuff. Yeah, I'm boring. Meredith totally wins that contest.

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

My youngest Alyssa who is 3 (soon to be 4) does the same thing and I think it's so strange. Now I know that she is not alone!! Funny what kids will eat!!!!

Kam said...

Oh dear...i would eat marshmellow cream over sour cream any day. ;) Danielle- I remember when this little girl fit in the palm of our hands. Where did she go? ;)

Jennifer said...

Yep, our girls are definitley cousins! The other day Kya was dipping her apple into her tarter sauce. eeewwww!!!!!!