Monday, March 3, 2008

Goodbye Mom and Grandma

After about a year and a half battle with cancer Ryan's mom (Sharon Kay Jones) passed away on February 17,2008. She was 64 years old (almost 65 on the 21 of February). She was able to spend her last days in the comforts of her home with her husband Keith and family. She was a great woman and will be missed by many.

Above is the most recent picture we have when she was at our house last in February 2007. We were celebrating all the February birthdays.

Here are all the the "kids"(L-R) Renay, Rodney, Ryan, Randy, Robyn (and Keith)

Sharon's services were held February 23rd in Murrietta and her graveside was at Green Hills in San Pedro. Ryan gave a beautiful eulogy and his siblings shared family memories. Rodney was the most memorable as a few of us thought he just might propose to his girlfriend over the pulpit :o)!!! Luckily it did not happen at that moment- hopefully one day.....

Between the service and the dedication of the grave Sharon's ward hosted a wonderful luncheon of chicken enchiladas and chips from Chevy's- just as Sharon ordered! It was yummy. Rachel put together a slide show of some pictures of Sharon to show at the luncheon. It was a great tribute!

The grandkids sang "I Love To See The Temple" just before the dedication of the grave. It was suppose to be a rainy day, but luckily the only time it rained all day was during the prayer at the graveside. Goodbye Mom and Grandma- we will see you again one day!


Becca Jones said...

This was so cute Aunt Danielle!

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

I sent my heart felt sympathy to Ryan and the rest of the family. Those days are always bittersweet.
Danielle you did a nice job of capturing the day.