Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Roadshow 2008

Our Stake Roadshow was the first week of March. The theme was "www. (fill in the blank).com". Our ward performed first and not that I am bias, but they were fabulous! It was like a real production- the acting, dancing, singing, costumes, sets, etc. We were truly blessed to have such great YM/YW leaders and roadshow directors. Our theme was www.we've got the answer.com. It was a western love story- dot fell in love with Comstock (aka Com).

Some of the highlights from the other wards were "Pop goes my heart" (Trevor sings it all the time) and the "High School Musical 8". If you were there you get it :o)!

Here is after the Salon song. We could not have a typical western "saloon" so they changed it to a salon!

Here is Mackenzie dancing with one of the deacons (Damon Jarmon)

Here is the bad guy (the Bishop's son)- he was so classic- love the laugh :o)!

Dot and Com have finally come together and they all lived happily ever after in the town of Tumbleweed!

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Becca Jones said...

I loved Roadshow! It was so much fun! It looks like Mackenzie had tons of fun and even got to dance with cute boys! :) And Trevor, again, if only you were 23. "Pop Goes My Heart" is one of my favorites!