Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter 2008

We hosted Easter at our house this year. It was a beautiful day! There were about 40 people who were able to make it and we hope they all had as good of a time that we all did! My Grandma and Bob were unable to attend because they were both REALLY SICK ! If you know my grandparents you know that it was devistating to them to not be able to attend! We really missed you- thanks for the ham! I have added some extra pictures for you so you can see what we all did. We started with an egg hunt in the back yard, ate dinner (ham, sweet potatoes, cheese potatoes, deviled eggs,salad, brocolli, fruit, peas, rolls, etc.), then we had another egg hunt in the front yard. All the kids went home with lots of candy and $$ from the eggs! We ended with an assortments of yummy desserts- flower cake, strawberry pie and chocolate dipped strawberries! Last but not least the kids took advantage of the warm weather and finished the night in the pool.
Grace is hunting for Easter Eggs- lots of the eggs had $ in them and she was able to collect over $6.00! She was the big winner of the day :o)!
Here is Noah hunting eggs with some assistance
Happy first Easter to Elsie and Caleb! Caleb must have really enjoyed it because he was so good all day!
Easter baskets all lined up in the morning
Aren't these just the best looking kids ever ?!?!

Here are some people eating their Easter dinner- yum...


Becca Jones said...

Why do I miss out on all the fun! Oh yeah, because I'm getting a stink'n education! Ha ha. Just kidding! You guys looked so cute! I'm so jealous of the sunshine and pretty white outfits! I love Madalyns bangs too! :)

Chrissy said...

I just love the matching outfits! It looks like I've got some Swirlz yogurt buddies! Call me up! Haha

Steve and Jenny Moore said...

We're all coming to your house for Easter dinner next year!!! YUM!!
I'm jealous of the nice warm weather.
You're kids all look darling!!