Monday, March 3, 2008

Girls Night Out- BYU Young Ambassadors

On Saturday night the Clarke girls and the Jones girls (minus one) had a girls night out. Here is how the evening went: Dinner at SuperMex on 2nd Street- Mexican is always a favorite in our group!
The girls at their own table- too mature to sit with their mom's j/k!!
Then we drove down Ocean Boulevard to the Long Beach Performing Arts Center to enjoy a fabulous performance by the BYU Young Ambassadors. It was a great show- the music, costumes, dancing, singing- what more could a girl want?!? It was hard not to sing along :o)!
After the show we had to try out the much raved about "Pinkberry". I think we are the last people to try this yogurt shop in our entire Ward. If you know me you know that I LOVE FROZEN YOGURT- that being said I DID NOT love Pinkberry. I would choose simply tart at Golden Spoon (my all time favorite yogurt place) over Pinkberry any day! Please do not shoot me all you Pinkberry lovers- everyone has their opinion :o)!
Madalyn decided after a sample that she did not like the yogurt so she got a shaved ice with fruit on the top. Who knew it was going to be so HUGE!!!

It was a fun evening- it is not often we get to go out with just the big girls! Thanks Erin for inviting us!


Becca Jones said...

Those BYU dancers always crack me up! I love it so much! We'll have to do a girls night when I get home!

Clarkes said...

That was a blast guys! Hopefully we will be able to have more of those fun girls night outs!

~ Cassie

Rosalie said...
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Clarkes said...

"My long lost asian grandpa!!!", "I don't have to go anymore!" Remember the lollipop sticks out the window, and the pomegranite lemonade mints??? lol good times!

DossFamily said...

How fun! I can't wait until Alyssa gets older so we can go do girl things!

Becca Jones said...

So... I got a haircut! Do Madalyn and I look a little more alike now? :)