Friday, March 28, 2008

Diagnosis- finally!

So, for those of you who do not know I have been having problems with my thyroid and hair breakage for about four months now. I have gone through lots of blood test, biopsies, ultrasounds, bad doctors, etc. After many months of test and a doctor who really did not care- I was able to get a second opinion from a great endocrinologist. He took his time with me, looked over all my labs and then casually mentioned in our conversation that I have Hashimoto's (he assumed I would have already known this). I have done some more labs to see if there is any additional course of treatment I can do at this time. If any of you are interested in learning about this condition just Google "Hashimoto".
Eventhough I do not enjoy the side effects of Hashimoto's (high cholesterol, hair breakage, weight gain, enlarged thyroid, cyst, lethargy, etc) I was so excited to know what was wrong with me :o)! I guess I will just have to get use to this new hair of mine- it will save me lots of money as I have only had one hair cut in five months. So the next time you see me- no I do not color my hair- no it is not overtreated- yes I have a weird disease that sounds like it came straight out of a Disney movie!!!


Steve and Jenny Moore said...

I'm glad you finally have a diagnosis...that would be frustrating to not know what is wrong.
The interesting thing is I have a friend in Utah that has had the same kind of problems for years and years and they finally diagnosed her with the same disease last month.
I hope they get things figured out and you get feeling better.

cj said...

I am glad that you have an answer and hope that you continue to find more.

As for a blog roll, you can add it on the custom features on blogger. It allows you to see all the updates of each blog that you have listed.

DossFamily said...

We have something in common...I have Hashimoto's too! I was diagnosed about 6 years ago. I went through a similar experience with doctors who don't really care and they kept telling me I was fine. My mom kept telling the doctors that there was definitely something wrong. Both my parents have thyroid problems, so I guess I was bound to get it. It stinks going through it when you are having babies, because my thyroid gets messed up with each pregnancy and I have to keep going back to the Endo to get my thyroid back on track. I am actually going this week, to get checked again because I have been feeling terrible lately. Anyway, just thought I would share!

kam said...

So sorry to hear, but glad you finally have some direction. I am also happy you finally found a doctor that you trust who listens to you; that is so important.
I know with your positive attitude you will be able to take everything on with style and grace-


I would have never guessed! How do you keep up with all you do and still manage to look amazing while doing it--all with this?