Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving in Maui

Aloha! This year we did something different than our normal dinner at Aunt Milena's and then a second dinner at the Jones'. We decided to get away and go to Maui :o)! Randy, Cathy and their kids were all there too. It was a wonderful vacation full of 85 degree weather, lots of swimming, playing in the waves and relaxing. When I say we relaxed I mean it- we did not do much (which is rare for our family)! It was pure heaven! I read an entire book in one week- don't laugh- it is hard to find time to read when I am at home and it usually takes me a month! Anyone looking for a good book I read Molokai- it was really good.

Here is the low down in summary form: we ate Hula pie (yum), ate $1.00 taco's at Lahaina Cannery Mall, ate delicious fish, took a day trip to a white sand beach, enjoyed the water slide, drank virgin pina colada's, played in the warm ocean, etc- get the picture ;)!?!

The Jones beauties in front of a christmas tree at Whalers Village

We bought a turkey meal from Safeway and made our own turkey dinner to eat in our villas. It was yummy and we had lots of left overs for turkey sandwiches- yum!

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