Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Card Disaster !!

Let me start off by saying that it is usually really important for me to get my Christmas cards out the first week of December. Obviously that did not happen this year. Since my life decided to change this December I had to change and just let some things go (like getting my cards out on Dec. 1st).

So I decided to go the easy route on the cards and just order some from Snapfish. I spent a few hours deciding on some good pictures that had been taken throughout the year and putting the card together. Well, our cards came a few days ago and they are TERRIBLE!!!!! I will never use Snapfish again. It looks like they photocopied all of our cards. You know they are bad when Mackenzie is insisting that I do not send them out and Ryan quickly got online so we could return them for a full refund.

So where does that leave me???? Yes, cardless- Christmas is only 11 days away and I have nothing. I am so sad!!!! My friend Lisa has offered to help me put something together to send out (even if it is the cheapy Costco cards). Now hopefully we will both beable to find time to actually get together to do it.

Don't even ask about our annual Christmas party that is not happening.....I promise to make it larger than ever next year :o)!! After all I could always use some naked lady yardwork. yard o' beef, glow in the dark toilet seat, and a burping reindeer :0)!!! Who knows, maybe we will put a twist on it and make it a "after Christmas regifting party?!?!"

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Liz Silverthorne said...

No!!! That's terrible. If you still need help, I can put something together for you too... I just got Photoshop and I am loving it. Good luck!