Monday, December 3, 2007

Eat your heart out!

Eat your heart out Randy!! "Don't you wish your mall was as hot as mine?"

I am thinking show and tell for all Trevor's kindergarten buddies?!? j/k

It was all about the sparkly pom poms for Meredith!

While visiting with Santa tonight, the San Diego Charger Cheerleaders happen to be at a men's store right across the way. They were selling calendars- no not the modest ones ;)! The money from the calendars were going to benefit the American Cancer Society. We had to show our suppport! Anyway, since I had my camera with me Ryan just had to get his picture with some "hot girls"!

1 comment:

Randy Jones said...

Did the Charger Girls let you hold the pom poms? Where the pom poms real and spectacular?