Monday, December 3, 2007

Merry Christmas

After the first Presidencies Christmas Devotional last night the kids all got to open their Christmas Jammies. I usually give them their jammies on Christmas Eve, but this year I decided to do it earlier in the season. That way they will have the opportunity to wear them all season (yeah it only took 11 years to figure this out- duh)! They were all so excited to have warm snuggly jammies- after all it was freezing that night (50 degrees)- for us Californians that is FREEZING!

For Family Home Evening we went to the mall so the kids could tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Here is the list: Meredith- dolly; Trevor- Star War Lego's for the Wii; Madalyn- digital camera; Mackenzie- her list is so long yet once she got up there with Santa she could not think of a darn thing. So I told Santa a few things on her list: Jack Percel's and a camcorder. I think she thinks she is getting "too old", but in our family you are never too old for Santa! Let all the festivities begin!

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