Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Southern California Snow!

So it really did not snow at our house, but last Friday morning this is what we woke up to! The nights have been so cold that a thick layer of ice was left on our roof and the grass area next door to our house. It was a pretty cool sight to see so much white on the green grass. The kids got a kick out of it. In fact Trevor got up early the next two mornings so he could rush outside and see the "snow" ;)!


Becca Jones said...

Excuse me while I laugh- HA! Snow my butt! :) Just kidding, love you guys!

denise said...

you realize everyone in utah and various other places across the country are laughing at us right now about our "california snow"

my kids got excited about the disneyland snow. luke even had his tongue out to try and catch some of those bubbly snow flakes - yuck!