Friday, November 30, 2007

Paper Moon Anyone?

Mackenzie decided to try out for the middle school winter solo concert. We were unsure how she would do as she chose a song from the 40's (Paper Moon). My Grandma and Bob informed me that they really like the song, however I had never heard of it ;). Well, she made it and did a great job! I really admire her ability to just get up infront of hundreds of people and perform. Her next solo debut will be at the choir's Christmas Concert later this month as she will be singing "The Christmas Song". You go girl.......

Here are some other kids who also sang or played an instrument at the concert. The cute "small" girl next to Mackenzie is in 8th grade and sang "Bootin' Scootin' Boogie". She was a real ham and did a very entertaining performance !

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