Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here is our crew ready to go trick or treating!

Madalyn the waitress

Mackenzie the "tough" referee!

Meredith as Minnie Mouse

Trevor as Black Spiderman. He thought he was so cool with all his "puffy muscles". He made sure to tell everyone he was the "black spiderman with puffy muscles"!

My parents came down for Halloween and brought Scooter (the old man in disguise) with them. They joined in our block party and trick or treating. Meredith and Trevor made it down two and a half blocks then decided that they did not want to walk anymore so they came home and helped pass out the candy. I think they had more fun passing out the candy! Meanwhile Ryan and Jim took the big kids out to get more candy!

It was a fun night as usual! All the kids were so worn out they crashed as soon as they went to bed- yeah!!!

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Becca Jones said...

Super cute guys! Mackenzie was such a cute referee and her outfit was adorable! I'm pretty sure I was a waitress when I was around Madalyn's age- way to be girlie! Trevor, of course, in the superhero stage- loved the muscles! And Meredith was as cute as ever being Minnie! So cute guys, see you in a few weeks! :)