Thursday, November 15, 2007


Do you like Meredith's new bald spot???
Do you think a hairdresser will put hair extensions on a three year old? That was my thought today about an hour after I found this on the couch:My "adorable son" is very lucky that the tooth fairy came to town already because Santa does not come to town for naughtly little boys :o)!! That was my first thought! Trevor decided that he would experiment with cutting hair on Meredith's head. Did he pick the back of her head where I could hide a bad trim job? Of course not, he decided to cut the very front center of her hair all the way down to her skull!!! Never mind that we were going to take our family pictures in Maui next week, never mind that when Mackenzie's friend did the same thing to her when she was six it took THREE YEARS to grow out, never mind that I am completely freaking out right now.......!!!! We named Mackenzie's bad trim job "spike" any suggestions on a name for Meredith's????

The first picture is a very bad picture of the spot Trevor trimmed from. So just remember that when you see Meredith that no I did not do it, nor did she. Her "loving brother" did- I thought he would wait until they were older and deface her so none of his guy friends would want to date her. I guess he is practicing :o)!!
A little update on the hair....after I posted this I found three times as much hair as in the picture above in the trash can. I guess Meredith wanted to "fix" her hair so she grabbed the sissors, locked herself in the bathroom, and cut chunks out of the back of her hair... OH JOY -LOL!!! The worst is that I cannot cut it short to even out the back because she has so many callics!! I guess Meredith has officially made that "I can cut my own hair" right of passage :o)!


Becca Jones said...

That's sooo funny! I can't wait to see it later this week!


denise said...

I feel for you - I would have died. We luckily never had the hair cutting experience with our kids - the closest we got was Nate shaving on of his eyebrows and like your ordeal it was right before pictures (why does it always happen before pictures?)

Chrissy said...

Trevor! That is so sad. Horrible timing! I love your blog! Glad to know I have another one to check up on!

ashcraft8 said...

Hi Danielle, it's Tiffany.I found your blog a couple of week ago through Derek and Denises blog.It's been great catching up on your family.They are so big now.I'm really sorry about your daughters hair. It will be a family picture to remember. I'm really glad I found your blog. Your family is beautiful.

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry! Annie's has a big chunk of hair that is about two inches long in the back that Katie PULLED out about a year ago. Just be glad it was scissors!!