Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tooth Fairy Comes to Town!

(before- picture taken by Meredith- along with about 20 other ones I was unaware of :o)!)

Trevor finally lost his first two teeth! The first was Sunday night, October 28th. He went to bed and about five minutes later came out of his room and said that his tooth felt funny. I thought he was just trying one of his "get out of bed excuses", but soon he began to cry because it was hurting him. When I looked at his mouth his bottom right tooth had turned around completely- it looked really gross!!! Since Ryan was out of town on business I had to pull his tooth out- this is HUGE for me as pulling teeth totally grosses me out ;o/. Why I do not know, after all I was raised by a dentist?!?! Anyway, once I pulled the tooth out he was soooo excited- he was jumping up and down all over the bathroom and laughing!! It was so cute- I have never seen a child so excited to loose their tooth and have the tooth fairy come visit!! It really shows the innocense of children.

The next morning when Trevor went to school he was telling everyone that he had lost his tooth- keep in mind that the first week of school (nine weeks ago) he wrote that the reason he was special is because he had two loose teeth! This was a big event in the works. Now he could show off his new hole.

That night as Trevor was getting out of the bathtub I noticed his bottom left tooth was missing. My first reaction was that he lost it down the drain, however Madalyn saw it stuck to his chest- good eyes! He again was super excited that he now had two holes in his mouth and that the tooth fairy would come and visit him again. Unfortunately Ryan was gone for both and had to miss Trevor's expressions- what a bummer for him.


So incase you are wondering what Trevor's favorite Christmas song for this year is....."All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"!! I am not sure he will get them by then......


Becca Jones said...

trevor is soooooooooooo cuute! i cant wait to see you guys this week! :)

denise said...

You are a brave women pulling his tooth. I think I would have taken him to a friends house and had someone else pull it. I am so grossed out by loose teeth - it gives me the heebies.