Thursday, November 1, 2007

Preparing for Halloween!

On Sunday we had Randy and his family and Rodney over for dinner and pumkin carving. The cousins always love to get together and this was no exception! We may not be carving experts, but we had fun (in the sweltering heat) carving pumpkins. Not to mention that we all LOVED the pumpkin seeds. I think I need to go buy some more pumkins just so we can eat the seeds :0)!
Trevor and Meredith loved getting their hands in all the gooey pulp!

Madalyn posing for the camera as usual :o)!

Mackenzie is working hard on making a bat!

Meredith was pretty proud of the ghost I carved on her pumpkin!

Here are the final results!


Becca Jones said...

super, super, cute! love the pictures! wish i could've been there! :)

Kam said...

We didn't even get that done this year! We couldn't pull Gunnar away to from Go Diego Go to do it. ;) We thought he would have been so excited to play with the goo. Plus we really didn't have any safe knives for him to use...;)