Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Visiting Church Sites in Salt Lake City

Our first full day in Utah was spent visitng different church sites in SLC.  The weather was cold, but there was no snow on the ground so we thought we would take advantage of the good weather.  This was a good choice because the next two days were full of non-stop snow!

Our first stop was at the Conference Center for a tour.  We have done it once before with the girls and it was so nice to go back to learn even more.  It was still decorated for Christmas and the David Archeleta performance.  It was beautiful!

Here the kids are standing outside:

Here are a few shots from inside:

Here we are up on the roof top:

Nice view of the SLC Temple:

Next we visited the Church History Museum.  The kids loved standing behind the pulpit and calling everyone to repentance.  It was quite embarrassing as I was across the room and could hear them shouting it out.  One of those "that is funny, but those are not my kids" moments! haha!

Trevor LOVES Captain Moroni.  Everytime he sees a Temple he looks for Him.  He was so excited to see one in the museum!

We ate luch at the Lion House.  It was so busy, but worth the weight.  We all rolled out of that place.  We could not believe the number of people with dessert on their trays...how do they have room to eat all that food??!!!??

After lunch we snuck over to the Beehive House for a tour.  One thing we have learned about Trevor on this trip is he LOVES tours.  He just soaks in everything the tour guides tell us.

We visited Welfare Square and got to learn more about the church welfare system.  We are so blessed to have such an inspired program in our church.  We were amazed and the number of members and non-members who benefit from this system all over the world.  The kids were amazed at the story of the children in Etheopia who had gone without food for so long that their tiny bodies could not digest food.  The church supplied a nutrient (sorry I cannot remember the name) to these people so they could survive.  We also got to see the different type of humanitarian packages that are sent throughout the world during times of natural disasters, famine, etc.

At the end we got to sample some of the products that they make on site.  We sampled the cheese, bread, chocolate milk, peanut butter and jelly.  We could not get enough of the chocolate milk...it was sooo good!

Later we went to the Joseph Smith Building to show the kids the view of Temple Square and to watch the movie.  The goal was for Meredith to get a little nap, but she was so into the movie that she did not rest her eyes!

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