Monday, December 27, 2010

UTAH Road trip

This year we decided to take all the kids on a road trip to Utah.  Trevor and Meredith had never been to Utah and I have not seen the Christmas lights at Temple Square in years so this was my excuse to go!   Here are some shots on our way there:

A traditional stop at Iceburgs on the way up for a Mini (yes those are mini's) shake- yum, yum!

Drove by the burned up Tabernacle in Provo.  The whole place was sad!

Stopped by BYU to show the kids around and visit the bookstore:

We found this shirt at the BYU bookstore.  As a family we cannot stand the taste of Mountain Dew, buy our nephew, who is currently serving a mission in South Africa, is addicted to the stuff.  So we got a good laugh out of this shirt!  Especially since just four days earlier when we were on the phone with him he told us they DO have Mountain Dew in South Africa with much happiness!

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