Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at G & G Wrights 2010

Later Christmas day we traveled up to Grandpa and Grandma Wrights house to open presents, eat, and celebrate with the extended family.

The kids were spoiled by G & G Wright as usual...some of the great things they got were...Toms, baby dolls, Wii Resort, tennis shoes, tons of gift cards, etc.

Ryan and I were also super cookware, a hedger, gift cards.  We will be eating well on gift cards this next week!

Uncle Brad made this hat for a Christmas party he attended this Season.  Isn't it hilarious?!?!

Since Scooter is gone serving his mission in South Africa I decided to make a display/countdown board for my mom and sister.  Needless to say I hit the "tears" jackpot! 

One of the best parts (for the kids) about visitng Grandma and Grandpa during the holidays are all the "musical" toys.  My parents have at least 25 different musical kids listen to ALL of them...sometimes all at once!

Here are Trevor and Meredith playing with their 2nd cousin Carli.  She is the cutest little thing!  She has all four of my kids wrapped around her finger!
  Here she is bouncing on their belly:

At the end of the evening we had our families 2nd annual gift exchange.  There were a lot of good presents for us all to choose from.  We got lucky and came home with See's candy and a Snuggie (thanks Uncle Doug)!

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